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Programs Sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club

1. Sichuan-Hong Kong Clinical Surgery Program (6 million RMB)

Partner: Surgery Department, Medical School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

West China Hospital of Sichuan University and CUHK’s medical school work together to carry out the training of surgical clinic skills, new medical technology exchange, construction of surgical disciplines cooperation base.  The specific contents of the project include: robotic surgery skills training, senior doctor special technology promotion training, surgical forum, co-establishment of surgical discipline cooperation base.

2. West China regional Emergency Medical Center (IT based)—10 million RMB

Partners: Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital

Introduces the advanced concepts of Hong Kong medical institutions in critical care treatment, management, teacher training and information construction; West China Hospital plays as a leading role a critical illness and emergency treatment of national centers of radiation. We have set up a set of training system for accreditation for both sides of China and Hong Kong that responds to the emergency response procedures and management of hospitals in the west and the whole country.