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Professor Ralph Schmid from the University Hospital of Bern visits WCH

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On the afternoon of July 19th, a distinguished delegation led by Professor Ralph Schmid from the University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland, visited West China Hospital. In attendance were President Li Weimin, Vice President Wang Kunjie, as well as representatives from the Lung Cancer Center, Human Resources Department, Department of Science and Technology, President’s Office, and International Office.

President Li Weimin extended a fervent welcome to Professor Ralph Schmid and his team, expressing his earnest desire to fortify the existing rapport between the two entities. He aspired to foster a prolonged and stable collaborative affiliation, thereby deepening the synergy between WCH and the University Hospital of Bern.

Professor Ralph Schmid, in response, conveyed his affirmation of WCH's strides in recent years, particularly lauding our world-renowned research infrastructure. He underscored that this marked his second visit to Chengdu, expressing a hope for the fortification of interchanges in domains such as scientific research, clinical practice, and scholar exchange. This, he emphasized, would collectively propel the sphere of medical sciences into greater pinnacles.

A zenith of the event was reached as President Li Weimin bestowed upon Professor Ralph Schmid the certificate of Visiting Professorship at WCH. Subsequently, the two parties engaged in extensive deliberation concerning student summer exchanges, graduate student cultivation, and the joint organization of illustrious international symposia. The epilogue to this enthralling engagement comprised a tour of the hospital's history museum.

Professor Ralph Schmid, an exemplar of dedication to thoracic surgery and medical research, established an indelible imprint in this sphere. This monumental visit and exchange serve as the bedrock for future confluence between our institution and the University Hospital of Bern, emboldening forthcoming collaborations in the realms of medical exploration, clinical practice, and the nurturing of future talent.