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The 4th WCH medical aid team to Sao Tome and Principe returns to China

At noon on October 5th, Dr. Chen Yi and Dr. Zheng Yi, members of the fourth WCH medical aid team to Sao Tome and Principe from West China Hospital returned home successfully. Xia Yicheng, deputy director of the International Exchange Center of the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, the heads of the human resources department, gastrointestinal surgery, internal medicine and families of the team welcomed the doctors at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. Mr. Xia, on behalf of the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, expressed a warm welcome to the team members who successfully completed their international medical aid missions and commended their outstanding achievements in medical and anti-epidemic work in Africa.

Dr. Chen Yi of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Dr. Zheng Yi of Cardiology Department set off on February 1, 2019 after completing full-time training of Portuguese. It was originally planned that the team should return to China in January 2020, but because of Covid-19 pandemic, the team took the initiative to postpone returning to China. They actively participate in the local front-line anti-pandemic work. They organized and arranged remote exchanges between medical personnel of the two countries, and used the built-up international remote platform to carry out remote imaging interpretation. They actively participated in guiding the design and construction of local cabin hospitals and helped local medical services.