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WCH Doctor completes resection of congenital choledochal cyst and complex biliary reconstruction surgery for 18-month patient in Mozambique

On November 17, Dr. Chen Kefei, surgeon from the General Surgery Department of West China Hospital and member of the 22nd Chinese Medical Aid Team to Mozambique, received an emergency call for help. He successfully completed a rare congenital choledochal cyst resection and complex bile duct reconstruction surgery for a local child.

The child is an 18-month-old boy. His abdomen has been swelled for 12 months, with abdominal pain and reduced food intake for 3 months. The pediatric surgeon of the Maputo Central Hospital initially diagnosed that the child had a huge cystic mass over 10 cm in diameter in the upper abdomen with unknown nature. Due to the emergency, the local doctor had to perform the first operation on the patient on November 17, but encountered huge difficulties during the operation. The local doctors then asked the Chinese Medical Aid Team for an emergency consultation on the operating table to save the patient’s life.

At the Maputo Central Hospital, Dr. Chen Kefei is a well-known liver surgery expert responsible for the emergency consultation of hepatobiliary surgery in the hospital. Therefore, after receiving the emergency call from the operating room, he rushed to operating room as soon as possible. During the operation, Dr. Chen Kefei discovered that the local doctor had partially removed the giant bile duct cyst but there were still some residues. In addition, due to surgical operation injury, there are multiple abnormal bile duct openings in the hilar area, and the surrounding organs are also damaged to varying degrees. Dr. Chen Kefei urgently formulated and executed an operation plan with Mozambican doctors on the operating table, and the patient’s recovery was satisfactory. One week after the operation, Chinese medical team members and Maputo’s Pediatric Surgery Department also conducted in-depth academic discussions on the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, and improved the level of diagnosis and treatment of such diseases in local hospitals.

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